Our Air Compressor Pumps - Designed For Industrial Use

We specialize in Industrial style, cast iron air compressor pumps that are designed and built to provide years of reliable, trouble free service at the very best price in the market today. Dollar for dollar, feature for feature; our pumps are your best choice, as they have been for thousands of other satisfied customers for the past 20 years.

Two Stage Pumps
The DEP-5N, DEP-10N and the DEP-30N are all cast iron construction. They are designed to reach maximum output while running at very slow speeds, resulting in cooler temperatures and much quieter operation. These pumps are designed to perform and to last!

Valve System
The valve design is a disc and spring assembly type. The Swedish steel construction will provide longer life than other types of cheaper "flapper" valves. Valves are a natural wear part in the function of any compressor. Our valves are accessible for cleaning or replacement without removing the head. We stock individual valve assemblies and complete kits, so when that time comes, you can be assured that you can get replacements at a very reasonable cost. The valve is the heart of any compressor and we start with the best design available today.

Connecting Rods
Our DEP-5N and DEP-10N pumps have high performance aluminum rods. We adopted this design 20 years ago, replacing the original cast iron rod design. These rods have bronze bushings at the wrist pin, instead of the typical roller bearings. A roller bearing failure usually results in a very quick and total failure in the pump. Any problem in the same area of the bushing will usually provide plenty of warning before complete failure, giving the operator time to stop and repair the problem before major damage is done. We do stock both styles of rods in our service parts warehouse because many suppliers still use the older con rod style.


Unloader Systems
Many competitive pumps depend on separate unloading systems to unload the pressure on the pump. This is necessary so that when the pump restarts, it will not have built up head pressure to overcome. Our DEP-5N and DEP-10N have built in centrifugal unloading systems. We feel this "extra" is the most reliable way to insure unloaded starts for the life of your compressor. Model DEP-30N has head unloaders built in as a standard feature.

Oil Sight Glass
All of our pumps have an oil sight glass to insure that your pump has the proper level of oil for operating safely. Two stage pumps have a bolt on design with a cast iron flange. Single stage have a screw in design.

Clean Air Vent System
Models DEP-5N and DEP-10N both have built in Clean Air Vent Systems to prevent oily build up in and around your compressor area. Low-pressure build up in the crankcase has to be vented and the common way to do that is to just vent to atmosphere. We install a copper tube system that funnels vented air back into the low pressure intake valve while any oily residue in the air will run back down the inside wall of the tube into the crankcase. An extra "add on" on many models, it is a standard feature on our pumps.


All of our pumps are splash lubricated and run tested at the factory. After testing we have the test oil drained prior to shipment. We do this because we want to insure that only the best and correct oil is run in your compressor. We recommend any compressor grade, non-detergent oil be used. You know what oil has been run in your compressor because you control the selection of oil from day one.

Appearance Design
Many suppliers provide their pumps with a primer finish only. Our pumps have a semi gloss high temperature paint finish that protects the pump and provides a professional look to your compressor. Our models DEP-5N and DEP-10N complete the appearance package with distinctive chrome plated intake filters.

Replacing Pumps
Our pumps are commonly used to replace failed pumps that are more expensive to repair than replace. By using our site information you should be able to determine whether or not our pump would be an exact replacement by comparing the photos and the specification information. Many brands such as Saylor Beall, Industrial Air, Sanborn, Industrial Gold, C'Aire and Cast Air often use the same style pump and our models will be completely interchangeable. In some cases it may be necessary to add one, two or three holes into the tank baseplate to be able to mount our pump as a replacement. In these cases a motor pulley replacement may also be required to insure the correct pump speed. Some other minor modifications may be required to complete the job.


Single Stage Pumps
Our single stage pumps are naturally different from the two stage designs because they are designed for a much lighter work duty. However they are also all cast iron except the heads, which are aluminum for extra cooling, and are designed for slower speed operation to reach peak performance.

In many cases, and due to the wide variety of designs of single stage pumps, it is often expensive or even impossible to find repair parts for single stage compressors. We have provided specification charts you help you determine if our pumps are capable of being substituted on your model, but we suggest you contact us to make sure our pump will work for your application.

If you have a Sanborn, Industrial Air, Black Max or Coleman Powermate single stage, belt drive compressor, this pump is a direct replacement and requires little or no changes to install. A new pump means your compressor has a new life and usually at a cost no greater, or even less, than the individual parts. That is, if you are fortunate enough to find a supplier that has all of the parts that you need to complete the repair!