Model DEP-755

The DEP-755 is a great way to bring your old, inoperable compressor back to life. Because single stage compressors are less expensive than industrial units, many suppliers and service locations do not stock, or even have access to, repair parts. It is very difficult to locate the parts you may need, and in most cases they are very expensive.

Replacing the complete pump is usually a better way to go. In some models there are modifications that must be made to make the switch. We have provided a drawing to allow you to compare our DEP-755 to your pump and determine what, if anything, would be required to make it work for you. Please call us if you still have questions that you need help with.

The DEP-755 is a cast iron housing, with an aluminum head for increased cooling. It includes an installed 12-inch flywheel, a recessed intake filter, twin cylinders and an oil level sight glass. This pump can be shipped USPS Parcel Post and UPS because it weighs 49 pounds.

Dimensions and Specifications