Model DEP-30N

This pump can used as a 15, 20, 25hp, even though it is designed for 30hp production.It can be run at speeds as low as 500 rpm and can be run up to 800 rpm. We recommend a maximum speed of 750 rpm for use as a 30hp because this pump tends to hit its optimum performance at that speed. For a 15 hp application we recommend a 6.0 inch pulley, running the pump at 515 rpm and producing 66 cfm displacement. At these lower speeds this pump is very efficient and incredibly quiet and cool. You should not drop below the 500 rpm because the splash lubrication inside the pump may fail to properly lubricate the internal parts.

Some manufacturers design their units to run at higher speeds just to advertise a higher cfm. It is recommended to check the motor pulley diameter when replacing a pump just to make sure you are not running at too high of a speed. This is a very tough, forgiving pump, but you should make sure that it is being run within the proper speed range to insure a long trouble free life. If the original manufacturer ran the pump to fast originally, the pump you are replacing likely failed for that reason. If you have any questions about pump speeds and motor pulley size relationships for any of our pumps, call our information line and we will be happy to discuss your particular situation.




Max Recommended RPM 750 Max Motor Pulley 8.75 Inch
Max. Pressure 175 PSI Min Motor Pulley 6.0
Weight 650 Lb Flywheel Dia 20 Inch
Bore, Low Pressure 2 x 6.1 Inch Valve Type Disc & Spring
Bore, High Pressure 2 x 3.23 Inch Drive Belts 4 "B"
Stroke 4.57 Inch Oil Capacity 112 Oz
Oil Type Compressor Type, Low Carbon, Non Detergent    
Aftercooler 30-40 Bearing Carrier 30-40 Cylinder 30-40
Flywheel 65-75 Head 50 Intercooler 30-40
Rod 30 Sight Glass 14-19 Unloader Cover 30-40
Valve 9-12 Valve Cover 14-19 Valve Retainers 80-90